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$ Reduce Company Expenses

 Eliminate the need for plotters, plotter supplies, expensive inks, printer supplies, expensive software and expensive annual software agreements.

$ Reduce Overhead

No need for full time employee wages, expensive employee benefits,fringe benefits, employee insurance and employee supplies.

 $ Improve Efficiency

Established in 2004, our expertise utilizes security professionals in the industry for 25 years. We are engineers with the capability of designing all systems and providing detailed wiring diagrams. Our electronic AutoCAD library is extremely extensive with a vast amount of different systems.

SECDRAW offers three security application based services:

AutoCAD, System Engineering & RFP Services

3D services are also available as this next generation of requirements is “around the corner”.

All services are provided remotely (furnishing onsite security professionals via a daily rate is forthcoming) as we do not charge for Overtime or Weekend services.

NDA’s Confidentiality is a major factor in the consideration of Engineering and estimating outsourcing.  SECDRAW maintains the utmost priority on your information security. We do not discuss, reveal, share or compromise your information in any manner. Our services can be retained with complete anonymity.

References Our clients range from consultants, to Engineering Firms, to Small, to Large national organizations.  References are certainly available and are happy to profess their positive experience with Secdraw but can only be furnished on a conditional confidentiality basis.

Insurance We carry Full Insurance to provide our clients with “peace of mind”.